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Employee Voucher Program

If you would like to set up an employee voucher program please send your detailed request to


  • Low Maintenance Program for the Employer.
  • Fast Setup and Approvals.
  • Consolidated Monthly Statements.
  • Corporate Pricing.

Example Program:

Company XYZ wants to initiate a safety program with a maximum out-of-pocket for the company set at $100 per employee. At the same time, the company realizes some of the employees will be purchasing footwear that costs more than the $100.00 voucher amount. They want a solution that manages BOTH the employer and employee side of the purchase equation.

Example Solution: would issue electronic or physical voucher codes to the employer. The codes would include a price discount and a $100.00 face value. For the sake of our example, let’s assume a 10% discount is associated with the employee’s $100.00 voucher code. We have outlined two different scenarios below. In scenario #1, the purchase price after discount is still above the voucher value. Thus, the employee would have a remaining balance to pay at the time of purchase. In scenario #2, there is no balance due.

Scenario 1* Scenario 2*
Original Price: $150 Original Price: $100
10% Discount: $15 10% Discount: $10
Discounted Price: $135 Discounted Price: $90
Employer Billed: $100 Employer Billed: $90
Employee Pays: $35 Employee Pays: $0
Scenario 1*
Original Price: $150
10% Discount: $15
Discounted Price: $135
Employer Billed: $100
Employee Pays: $35
Scenario 2*
Original Price: $100
10% Discount: $10
Discounted Price: $90
Employer Billed: $90
Employee Pays: $0

At the end of the month, the designated person at Company XYZ will receive a full statement of that month’s purchases, including itemized order details.

* This scenario does not include any applicable sales tax that may be incurred.